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Project Summary

Reginald "EZ" Ward Jr. is a Maryland-based speaker, philanthropist, and media host as well as the founder of EZ Ward Enterprises LLC. EZ wanted a website that would showcase his work and serve as a digital portfolio. Because EZ did not have an existing website, it was especially important to explore his style and brand personality before drafting any designs. After some style exploration, EZ narrowed his brand to three descriptors: clean, youthful, and inspiring. He wanted a balance between an edgy and modern look to appeal to younger generations; but, he did not want that look to be too trendy and then go out of style in a few years.

The new design was styled using a strong, but limited, color palette with plenty of white and negative space, clean lines, sans serif fonts, and a minimalistic, user-friendly design. The impactful and youthful design style was seen in large and powerful imagery placed in a modern design layout. To emphasize certain design elements, small abstract details, such as hover elements and interactions, were placed throughout the site. The new web design exhibits how a website can share both minimalist and abstract qualities without one overpowering the other. EZ refers all potential clients to his website for them to utilize his contact form for lead captures.

"Simone made this such an easy process, her professionalism and responsiveness were bar none. Her high quality and attention to detail provided me with the best website possible, Simone literally exceeded what I had in mind."

Reginald "EZ" W.
Founder of EZ Ward Enterprises LLC
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