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Simone Breanna is a freelance web designer in Connecticut providing web design and Webflow development services.

Public Speaker

EZ Ward Enterprises

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Project Summary

Reginald "EZ" Ward Jr., the founder of EZ Ward Enterprises LLC and a Maryland-based speaker, philanthropist, and media host, embarked on a web design project to establish an online portfolio to showcase his work. Lacking an existing website, it was crucial to define his brand identity as clean, youthful, and inspiring. The project's aim was to create a modern, edgy look that resonated with younger audiences while maintaining timelessness. This was achieved by employing a restrained color palette, ample white space, clean lines, sans serif fonts, and a minimalist, user-friendly design. The website featured large, impactful imagery arranged in a contemporary layout and incorporated subtle abstract details for interactivity. The end result successfully encapsulates EZ's brand personality and target audience appeal. It serves as a comprehensive platform for showcasing his work while offering a professional contact form for lead capture.

In summary, the EZ Ward Enterprises website redesign effectively realizes EZ's vision of a clean, youthful, and inspiring brand identity. It strikes a balance between modern and edgy aesthetics, ensuring a timeless design and offering user-friendly access to his work and client engagement through the contact form.



"Simone made this such an easy process, her professionalism and responsiveness were bar none. Her high quality and attention to detail provided me with the best website possible, Simone literally exceeded what I had in mind."