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Simone Breanna is a freelance web designer in Connecticut providing web design and Webflow development services.


Cali West DJs

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Project Summary

Joel West, the owner of Cali West DJs, a California-based DJ and wedding entertainment service, sought to revamp his self-made Wix website to create a fun, friendly, and vibrant online presence. The primary goal was to seamlessly integrate the website with his existing client management system, DJ Event Planner, and enhance the overall professionalism of the site. The new website design features a lively and minimalistic approach inspired by Joel's design preferences. It's optimized for mobile devices, ensuring easy access for visitors. The improved layout and navigation make information readily available. Incorporating party-themed imagery, the website exudes a sense of enjoyment and maintains a friendly, personable tone in its content. Notably, the contact form seamlessly connects to DJ Event Planner, streamlining operational processes. The redesigned website now caters to a more discerning audience, aligning with Joel's brand identity and providing a polished yet inviting online presence. The project successfully marries aesthetic appeal with practicality, ensuring a seamless transition for Joel's business operations.

In summary, the Cali West DJs website redesign efficiently combines a fun and vibrant design with improved mobile accessibility, integrated client management, and enhanced navigation. Joel can now attract a more serious clientele while maintaining a consistent approach to his operations with DJ Event Planner.



"I love it...I really like the design and style direction."