My Favorite Font Pairings — Spring 2022

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Personally, font pairings are one of the most fun aspects of crafting a brand. Playing around with how different scripts match with sans serif fonts are definitely in my top 10 simple pleasures. In this article, I will share my favorite font pairings for the upcoming spring season that you can put to use in your next projects. Oh, and did I mention most of these fonts are free? Tag me on Instagram with how you have put these font combinations to use in your projects!

Gyahegi & Poppins

Gyahegi is a modern elegant font with beautiful ligatures that create cohesive typography perfect for headings and display copy. It partners well with Poppins, a popular sans serif font, for a balanced and polished look.

Gyahegi: Hishand Studio

Poppins: Google Fonts

Moon & Ostrich Sans

Moon is a minimalistic sans serif font that would effectively serve a contemporary and sleek brand style. Ostrich Sans, another sans serif font, pairs excellently with Moon because it brings a variation to the glyph width but maintains a clean overall feel.

Moon: Jack Harvatt

Ostrich Sans: Tyler Finck

Vogue & Typold

Vogue is a strong serif font that brings with it a sense of class and elegance. Typold shares these same characteristics with a much more simplistic approach. The contrasting design styles bring versatility to this typography set.

Vogue: Vladimir Nikolic


Beckman & DM Sans

Beckman is a bold and modern sans serif font that demands a sense of authority and leadership. DM Sans is a sans serif typeface that brings forth refinement and sophistication. This combination would go beautifully with a professional, yet cosmopolitan, brand.

Beckman: FactoryType

DM Sans: Google Fonts

Lust Sans & Raleway

Lust Sans is a high-contrast sans serif is a stylish and dignified font that marries with equally elegant Raleway for an overall sophisticated and urbane tone. This duo would fit in with a chic brand that thinks outside the box.

Lust Sans: Adobe Fonts

Raleway: Google Fonts

Times Sans Serif & Sackers Gothic

Times Sans Serif is an elevated take on the traditional Times New Roman font that brings a sense of traditionalism but is contrasted by the classy and modern Sackers Gothic. This font pairing would work well for a brand that has traditional values with a modern approach. 

Times Sans Serif: Roy Schulenburg

Sackers Gothic: Monotype Studio