Debriefing Rose to the Occasions

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Rose to the Occasions is a California event planning company founded by Rose Seybold in early 2020. Though Rose has a newer business, she hoped to establish her presence with a strong brand and accompanying web design. Her previous website brought in a moderate amount of leads with most leads coming from The Knot.

The Problem

Her former website had an elegant aesthetic that showcased her personality and style. However, the website lacked mobile responsiveness, which is critical in this digital age where most visitors will interact with a website for the first time on their cell phone. When the screen size changed, the web design did not adapt, which made the website hard to use on smaller screens. In addition, the general web design had the potential to be elevated to truly illustrate the brand’s high standards. The previous web design was template-based and restricted the design creativity. Rose’s website was unable to reach its full design potential since it was not custom-coded with a tailor-made design.

Rose to the Occasions Previous Website

The Process

We conducted a brief audience analysis for Rose to the Occasions and discovered that the brand’s target audience placed a high value on certain qualities in a brand such as trust, resourcefulness, and collaboration.

We constructed three moodboards based on the three descriptors that Rose chose for her brand: elegant, polished, and friendly.

The elegant moodboard captured the core characteristics of elegance by being attractive, mature, and sophisticated while remaining approachable. This style balances between clean and contemporary with a touch of modern minimalism. Classic and timeless elements such as certain color combinations and neutral colors lend a sense of elegance to the design tone. The layout is kept relatively simple with a mix of showy and subtle details to illustrate an overall confident design approach.

Elegant Moodboard

The polished moodboard illustrated an uncluttered, simple, and easy layout with maximum use of white space to remove distractions and allow users to focus on the content, the key message, and the call-to-action. Elements that are valuable and relevant to the customer are intentionally selected to create a seamless and intuitive experience. This style contains an impactful aesthetic quality that will attract high-paying customers that are looking for a luxury experience.

Polished Moodboard

The friendly moodboard artfully combined elements of multiple design styles to create an informal mix of bright colors and patterns. This style takes an organic approach and brings as a masterful blend of casual and relaxed yet elevated for a design that feels both curated and genuine. Though staying rooted in traditional influences, there is a certain playfulness that makes the design feel personal, unique, and approachable. The general aesthetic of this style is bold and bright without being over-the-top.

Friendly Moodboard

The Prototypes

With that in mind, we created the first set of prototypes on Figma and after a few revisions, it was ready to be developed onto Webflow. The overall design had an elegant essence to it with bright imagery bringing a friendly vibe and a structured and consistent web design for a polished feel.

The Solution

We migrated Rose’s existing domain to Webflow in order to custom code a web design that fits Rose to the Occasions’ brand. The design received an entire refresh to not only be visually appealing to the target audience but also human-centric with UX/UI design best practices. The new web design now attracts high-paying clientele to align with Rose’s current business goals. She has received numerous serious inquiries directly on her website.