Cotton & Oak Brief

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It’s always important to keep working on your craft, whatever that may be. But, we’re human – we’re not always motivated. Luckily, Briefclub, an amazing Instagram account for brand designers, provides weekly briefs and helps out folks stuck in a creative rut. They recently announced a new hashtag for past brief entries (#tbcthrowback), so I took a look through their selection and found Cotton & Oak.

I love short briefs like this because it really allows for creativity and imagination to flow without boundary. My approach to this home decor brand was authoritative with a modern twist.  

The primary font, Gangitem (available on, shared an elegant and modern vibe, but the secondary font, Labor Union (available on Behance), contrasted with rustic charm. Together, the typography echoes a brand personality that is competent and experienced yet fresh and up-to-date. 

The neutral and muted tones of this brand are illustrated in a limited color palette consisting of beige (#EAE8DD), brown (#9B8371), black, and white.

This brief was so much fun to work on especially after having a creative block for a bit and feeling uninspired. So, shout out to Briefclub for this brief, and I can’t wait to see other #tbcthrowback submissions!